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For new businesses, one of the first things you’ll be doing is getting your office set up. Whether it’s in your own home or an office building shared with employees, there are a few pieces of equipment we feel are key to getting your new office up and running.

Comfortable Chair

One of the most crucial, yet often overlooked pieces of equipment you need for your office, is a comfortable chair. This is where you’ll likely spend a good chunk of your day, so you want a chair that will provide you with comfort and lumbar support. An uncomfortable seating situation can even lead to health problems such as back pains and poor posture. Ergonomic chairs also have adjustable features, such as seat height, that allow you to maximise your comfort. Sitting on even the most comfortable of chairs for a long period of time is still not healthy, so do remember to get up to stretch your legs occasionally!

A Good Desk

Another area you’ll spend a lot of time, is at your desk. A high quality desk is crucial for productivity as an employee’s workstation should be as comfortable as possible. A good desk should be spacious both on top and underneath, allowing you plenty of room for mobility. It’s important not to go overboard here however, and consider how much office space you have. Big desks that take up a lot of the room could be very restrictive if employees need to move across the room. Like with chairs, adjustable desks should also be considered so employees can alter their workspace to their liking.

Computer or Laptop

A good computer is a no-brainer – this is where you will perform many of your work activities, store your files, and contact clients and co-workers. Your computer should be fast, reliable, and up to date – you don’t want to be contacting IT regularly to troubleshoot errors! Computers come in all different types and which one you choose to use is up to your personal preference. We do suggest a laptop over a desktop for most instances however, simply because they are compact and portable, allowing you to access your work wherever you are.


With digital documents being commonplace in the modern office, a good printer and photocopier may seem unnecessary, but the reality is that we still rely on paper for a multitude of reasons. A good printer will benefit you for when you need hard copies of particular documents, such as contracts and flyers. A copier will be incredibly useful for you when you need to make copies of paper documents. Good office technology will drastically improve the efficiency of your workplace. 

Reliable Internet Connection

The last essential we’ve decided to list here is a strong, stable internet connection. This is what will keep everything flowing in your business. A good internet will keep things running smoothly and ensure that you and your employees are able to get online and go about your work without delays – nobody wants to be staring at a loading screen! In the aftermath of Covid, a lot of meetings are now conducted online too, so it’s more important than ever that you not only have an internet connection, but one that’ll keep you connected, and won’t fail you in the middle of a Zoom call. Reliable internet will give you a fast way of connecting with you and your employees, as well as giving you access to online file storage to keep your data backed up. If you’re looking to upgrade your internet, this is something Aspen can help you with.


Of course this is only scratching the surface of office essentials, and we could write a whole other blog on other useful equipment, but we think this is a great starting point for getting your foot in the door. If you’re in need of office decor, our 2023 furniture catalogue is the perfect place to look.

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