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Information is one of your company’s most valuable assets.

Aspen Solutions work with our partners at Canon to ensure the security we provide will help protect your business.

With more data flowing within and between organisations, there is an ongoing challenge to safeguard your information.

Take your office copier & printer. Still used every day, it handles some of your company’s most confidential information. But today’s office-class devices are much more sophisticated, with embedded operating systems and support for cloud-enabled, integrated document solutions.

32% of companies were victims of cybercrime in 2016

You must also remember that most devices have a hard drive in the same way as computers do.

Suggesting the best Canon products that best suit your business, Aspen Solutions ensure that your data is encrypted and only accessed by those with the adequate permissions. This greatly reduces the risk of unwanted breaches.

At Aspen Solutions we take security very seriously and wish to protect all our customers…

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Traditional enterprise devices can be weak spots too:

  • 42% of documents contain sensitive information, yet 50% of managers are concerned about people leaving confidential documents on a printer or copier
  • 47% of managers are already aware of employees losing documents inside their organisation, with 46% aware of this happening outside their organisation and the General Data Protection Regulation is putting even more pressure on businesses…
  • 80% of senior managers looking to upgrade their document security in the next 1-2 years
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