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A huge part of our Why Choose Aspen mantra comes down to the people on our team. We strive to be one of the best UK IT companies. We know that it is our people, not just our products, that will help us reach this goal.

Here we have one of our Account Managers, Alexandra McArthur, who joined us in 2019, talking about life in the IT sector and what makes us the perfect choice for companies large & small across Scotland.

In the world of IT support, it’s common to assume that men dominate the sector, but over the last 2 years, I’ve definitely seen a shift. It gives me great encouragement that more females are entering the industry. I’m also loving the fact that I’m seeing more women in key decision-maker roles when it comes to IT solutions for the businesses we support.

While there are so many UK IT companies out there, what I believe that sets us apart is the level of service – we are problem solvers. Many sales teams are only about hitting their individual targets with the client’s needs coming second to that. Aspen doesn’t think that way and makes it a team game with the client as part of that team. They are certainly the most supportive employer I’ve worked with and one that respects their workforce 100%.

When things are going great, life is good, but at points along the way mistakes may occur and this is when a person’s true character is shown. I always believe one should own their mistakes and put your hands up, be honest with people and earn their respect. There is no passing the buck at Aspen Solutions and they back you up which I really appreciate.

Obviously, since early 2020, the world has experienced a major upheaval, but I am a great believer in a positive mindset. Over the last few months, I’ve never been busier working with clients such as Hamilton College and South Lanarkshire Council, plus lots of small businesses across Scotland helping them with their IT requirements.

The company does lots for small charities in Glasgow, organisations that help the local community but are often overlooked. We don’t really promote that side of the business, but I’m keen for us to raise more awareness on this in 2021 to demonstrate that we’re giving back and are not all about profits. It’s just one of the many reasons I love working here!

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