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This week, we chatted to Sales Team Leader Lisa Mitchell to find out how she came to join Aspen, what she’s been up to this year, and what she believes makes Aspen stand out amongst other UK IT companies.

Coming from a sales & marketing background, I have always relished a challenge. I was keen to broaden my horizons and so joined the company as a Trainee Account Manager in 2014. The 7 years here have flown by, I’m now a Team Leader and the world has changed so quickly. One thing that remains the same is that the customer is still king, no matter the industry.

Sure the UK has many IT companies, but what I think separates Aspen Solutions is our open, honest & transparent approach. We are all working toward the same goal – help our customers get the right tech for their business.

I would say the main thing I love about my role here is the variety, plus helping the sales team in many ways. This includes being a sounding board to give them support and give them a confidence boost that will help them improve.

This year I have really loved getting more involved with the budgets & planning. Learning the inner workings of the business has been fascinating for me. 

Over the first half of 2021, I’ve worked on a huge procurement deal for 13 hotels in Germany. This involved a complete revamp of the group’s tech infrastructure covering firewall, servers & software too. It was an incredible project to work on, not without its challenges, thanks to Brexit, but we delivered for the client. 

Next up is a similar project for a hotel group in Italy. We’re all about customer service and making it easy for them with 1 shipment instead of 10!

So it’s certainly been a busy 2021 and thankfully it shows no signs of slowing down. Every day you’ll find me on Microsoft Teams video calls with clients and teammates. Video calls since March 2020 have been a major part of my working day and have replaced using the phone. 

The pandemic has really accelerated the hybrid model of working at home and the office. We’ve seen our clients embrace this over the last 15 months and prepare for the future of doing business. Our team has the skill set to help in these circumstances. 

It doesn’t matter if we are working with small or big companies. Aspen Solutions believe the VIP treatment should come as standard and we’ll never sell the client something they do not need.

Work chat aside, we have an actual Sales Team get-together this month for a few drinks. It’ll be amazing to catch up with the squad again in person!

To echo Lisa’s statement, what sets Aspen apart from other UK IT companies is our collective commitment to our goal of supplying our customers with the right tech for their business. Want to speak to our expert team to see how we can help you achieve this goal? Contact us here!

Or keep up to date with us on social media via our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

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