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Aspen Solutions are delighted to report that we’ll be partnering up with NextService. Plus – we’re the first UK based business to do so! Based in Australia, NextService is an award-winning mobile field service management software built-in and for NetSuite.

With this partnership, it means we’ll have our engineers at the right place at the right time, with full job history, client records, invoicing in the field and real-time data analytics. All of this on just one platform.

Providing such benefits will be incredible for our customers. Improving our systems by becoming more efficient means that we can offer the best level of service to our customers. NextService offer peace of mind for everyone.

Our Managing Director, Paul Harkins had this to say about our new partnership:

“Looking after our customers is a top priority and even during the UK lockdown we did not stop. Aspen Solutions are always striving for maximum efficiency. NextService are innovators and like our team, focused on the needs of customers. We’re really impressed by their management software and our team are very excited to partner with NextService.”

Aspen Solutions are ready and able to provide support and advice to companies locally and internationally. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements today.

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