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The Hilton Hotel Group, founded over one hundred years ago, stands as a global hospitality giant renowned for its luxury accommodations and unparalleled service. Beyond its iconic hotels, Hilton embraces sustainability initiatives, emphasising eco-friendly practices. A symbol of hospitality excellence, the Hilton Hotel Group continues to redefine the industry, embodying timeless elegance and modern convenience.

The company’s commitment to innovation is evident through its Hilton Honors loyalty program and cutting-edge technological integrations, enhancing the guest experience. A perfect example of this pursuit in always striving to innovate was their requirement to upgrade their cyber security across hotels in Dresden, Paris, Strasbourg and Zurich. This would include the ability to control all Hilton Management devices across multiple properties from one point. Prior to our discussions with the client, the IT Management at Hilton was told by numerous companies that it could not be done. With cyber security being a key strength for Aspen Solutions, once we started the conversation, we knew we could find a way. Our team created a bespoke tailored solution providing the multiple hotels involved, complete peace of mind. With regular meetings, great communication, minimal disruption, cost efficiency and additional features included, we delivered the ideal result for the client.  

Alexandra McArthur, Senior Account Manager at Aspen Solutions: 
“This was an incredibly exciting project to work on for our team. With the client being told by other IT companies across Europe that their requests were not realistic, it’s a tremendous feeling knowing we are helping Hilton IT Management to achieve their desired outcomes. We really appreciate Hilton Hotels giving the opportunity to Aspen Solutions. It demonstrates our ability to deliver for our clients. Regardless of location, we know we have the skills to help.”

We were thrilled to receive this client testimonial from Sven Bonn, IT Director:
“Our company has been using Watchguard equipment for several years now. Our positive experience with Watchguard products has prompted us to also secure our endpoints with Watchguard solutions. During the implementation of Watchguard EPDR at various locations and the changeover to Authpoint MFA, we received a great deal of support from Aspen Solutions, in particular from Alexandra McArthur. Alexandra is always available and responds promptly. She has taken on every challenge and helped us solve various problems in co-operation with her contacts at Watchguard. We will be migrating more sites to Watchguard solutions in the future with the support of Aspen Solutions. Alexandra is not only available to answer questions about security, she also helps us to clarify any other questions regarding licences.”

A huge thanks to Sven for his kind words and for the opportunity to partner on this project.

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