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You may know that by 2025 BT will switch off PSTN and ISDN lines and move customers onto an IP network, to get ahead of this Aspen Solutions are actively promoting moving our customers telecoms over to a Hosted Solution, there are multiple benefits to moving onto a Hosted Solution with Aspen…

Cutting Costs

The monthly fee means you know exactly how much to budget for, plus all packages include free calls between offices, saving you money on internal operations, each user will also have 1000 minutes a month to call 01, 02, 03 and 0870 as well as 1000 minutes a month to call UK mobiles. Further savings come from no maintenance costs making it hard to dispute the overall financial benefit of a switch to a hosted system.

Remote working

Allow employees to work from home, they will still take and make calls as if they were in the office all whilst presenting the company phone numbers, employees can also sign in from their mobile phones allowing them to work on the road again presenting the company number.

Money Saving

Moving to a Hosted Solution means that you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive repairs, about equipment downtime or routine maintenance


A hosted system is a hugely reliable option, you can depend on it to provide clear reception and to connect every call. Lag, delays or drops in call quality are rarer than current PSTN and ISDN calls, also the resiliency offered means that you will never be fully out of contact even if you have a power loss or any issues with the internet

It All Fits Together

Hosted systems are excellent ways to integrate all the different strands of your business, you can connect the dots across different offices and locations all on the same system and easily bring remote workers on board or allow remote working.

Disaster Response

Not only can you quickly reorganise business operations so your team can continue working from home or another location but you can even set up the system to automatically reroute calls if they are left unanswered.

Potential for Expansion

Another strength of hosted telephony is its scalability. As this service operates on a licence-per-user basis, it is easy to add additional lines, or even connect whole offices to your network, redundant lines can be quickly removed or reassigned allowing your business to grow and adapt as needed.

While 2025 may sound a long way off, the reality is that the mass-migration from PSTN and ISDN needs to start soon. To get ahead of the 2025 BT switch off, get in touch with us.

To learn more please email or phone 01236 786111 to arrange a consultative chat.

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