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We spoke to Aspen Account Manager Melissa Hamill about this ongoing project with a dedicated client, William Grant & Sons. 

At Aspen, we’re often talking to our clients every single day. In fact, we work closely enough that we become, in some ways, part of the fabric of their teams. We really pride ourselves on establishing strong relationships with our clients that go beyond the surface level pleasantries and get to know exactly what makes them tick. With our remote working situation, we’re also often getting a glimpse of their home life over Zoom – and the various interruptions that can occur during! 

Who are we working with?


Account Manager, Melissa got to know the contacts at William Grant & Sons fairly quickly after she started at Aspen 2 years ago. As part of her induction to Aspen, she inherited the client from Lisa and Mhairi, and was tasked with creating quotes for that predominantly covered hardware purchases, but could cover a wide range of requests. 

Over time – contact with the client became a regular part of Melissa’s day-to-day. That’s why when a big job came their way this year, there was no one better than Melissa to handle the enquiry. 

In June 2021, the main contact at William Grant & Sons phoned Melissa as they were due to do a hardware refresh. Their leased laptops were 3 years old, and they needed replacements for 1000 laptops and docks, deployed to their various bases across the UK. The process would be lengthy and required meticulous detail from someone who knew William Grant & Sons’ requirements and processes inside and out. 

How did we help?


Even with the best team handling their project, It wasn’t completely straightforward. Shortage in supply due to Covid meant Melissa had to think outside of the box and look elsewhere when our preferred supplier wasn’t available. However, as our team is knowledgeable on so many different brands, and Aspen is not a mono-supplier, we were able to problem solve and find the right fit from another supplier quickly and without compromising on quality! Our flexibility means that issues from third-party suppliers will never stop us from delivering exactly what our clients need. 

Melissa secured 400 laptops quickly and smoothly, which we held in the Aspen warehouse. The client expected them in August, but we were able to secure them for July! Another plus for our customers is knowing their products will be held safely in our warehouse, and can even be tested here before they go to them. 

What’s next?


Our client contact at William Grant & Sons was relieved to have such a large project go so smoothly in the capable hands of our Account Manager Melissa. We continue to support them on this project and refresh their hardware over a steady period of time. Our client will soon be looking to move staff back into the offices and we will kit out their sites in advance of this. Looking after their offices in Bellshill, Hook, and Richmond; we’re excited to continue our great work with this client and keep our regular catch-ups!

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