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Stewart-Buchanan Gauges Ltd is an employee-owned company which designs and manufactures valves, gauges and manifolds for clients worldwide. Established in 1870, they have built a reputation for market-leading innovation, with 98% of product components being designed, manufactured and assembled in-house.

Stewart-Buchanan Gauges Ltd came to us with an ageing document and print infrastructure which caused bottlenecks in day-to-day operations.

For a company which prides itself in fast lead times and efficient operation, it was vital that these systems were upgraded to take advantage of the very latest speed, cost and security improvements.

The Challenge

  • An inefficient fleet of old HP printers with no maintenance plan
  • Paper-based storage of HR files with high print costs and no recovery
  • A document management system purchased in 2000 with poor functionality
  • An inability to fully audit document access and usage


Aspen worked closely with Stewart-Buchanan Gauges Ltd to understand how they work, and then produced a custom solution with the latest Therefore document management suite and Canon multi-function printers.

This solution was provided with full support and staff training by Aspen to ensure a seamless transition to the enhanced system.

With the cost savings from our solutions, their Sales and Administration departments (the largest users) have seen their print and documentation infrastructure replaced on a cost neutral basis and we aim to roll it out to production departments in the future.

The Results

  • Toner spend was reduced substantially. With these savings, we were able to supply 3 new Canon multi-function printers, 1 high-speed Canon scanner, and Canon’s Therefore document manage system on a cost-neutral basis.
  • The Therefore document management system was integrated into their existing software platforms to save documents electronically. This eliminated the practice of printing documents to scan them back in, thereby reducing ink and paper expenses considerably.
  • A lack of auditability was one of the business’s stated pain points. To resolve this, we implemented the audit features of the Therefore document management system. This provides the administrator with a birds-eye view of all document activity throughout the workplace, including the number of versions of a document and who has accessed or printed it.
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