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Money Matters has been operating a successful advice centre since 1990. They have a wealth of knowledge and a holistic approach to dealing with financial advice issues.

Aspen Solutions worked to improve the handling and processing of incoming and outgoing documents. Money Matters were scanning all incoming and outgoing documents onto their server which resulted in:

The Challenge

  • Poor retrieval of documents
  • Human error commonly places documents in wrong locations making them hard to find
  • Different indexing from different staff
  • No control over naming or structure of documents
  • No retention policies in place
  • Staff have workarounds to skip archival process
  • No integration with Advice Pro
  • Different structures on all files (local hard copies/server/pcs and laptops)

Our Solution
Aspen carefully designed a solution using a combination of Canon’s best in class hardware and Therefore document management system to modernise the way Money Matters worked and also allowed them to focus on more business critical tasks such as growth without the concerns of the overheads that come along with that. The combination of which will result in Money Matters experiencing a more robust platform, uniformed functionality, enhanced end user experience, increased operational efficiencies and improved ease of management.

We designed, supplied and installed an end to end solution. When documents are received or created daily they are now scanned directly into Therefore via the scanning device or simply right clicked and saved into Therefore. Therefore automatically requests the key data that is required for archiving for example client number, client name and NI number and automatically stores it in their document management system.

Therefore also automatically collates all documents relating to that customer, customer number or NI number. Therefore was integrated directly with Advice Pro using our codeless universal connector meaning that data can now be pulled automatically from either system or view files from either system. For example, if you type a customer name into Therefore, it will automatically cross check it against Advice pro and pre populate the rest of the text fields like address, Customer number etc.

We supplied 1 x new Canon Image RUNNER advance 5235i multi-functional device complete with e-Copy Scant Station which gave a common platform throughout. We supply toner, parts, labour, callouts and everything else service related in a fully inclusive service plan. We also installed Canon’s device management software which will automate toner replenishment, meter readings and it will alert us when there is a fault with a device which allows us to offer a pro-active service plan rather than a re-active one.

The Results

  • Save time and money on data processing
  • Save time and money on data entry
  • Eliminate human error during data entry
  • Powerful template-based recognition
  • Flexibility for future projects
  • Integration with Advice pro
  • Complete rollout of document management system to all areas of the business
  • Sophisticated rules behind archival to ensure correctly indexed
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