Condusiv Technologies is the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions for virtual and physical server environments, enabling systems to process more data in less time for faster application performance

Whether you are in a virtual or physical environment, Condusiv’s V-locity┬« increases performance up to 50% without the cost of new or additional storage hardware.

This I/O reduction software is the #1 software utility for boosting performance and solving sluggish I/O intensive applications like MS-SQL/Oracle, CRM, ERP, File Servers, Imaging, Web Servers, Backups, and VDI.

Condusiv Benefits

  • Increase server and application performance by 50%
  • Increase VM density per physical server up to 50%
  • Reduce latency by 50% for faster file access
  • Eliminate bottlenecks without expensive hardware
  • Extend hardware lifespan by eliminating unnecessary I/Os
  • Faster I/O performance without the cost of additional storage hardware

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