Restricted by the traditional capabilities of a landline?

According to industry sources there are over 7 million workers in the UK that are predominantly field or home-based rather than office-based.

A large number of businesses lose valuable working hours – and even entire working days – due to disruption caused by bad weather, transport strikes and family sickness.

With Aspen’s cloud based telephony service your employees can work from anywhere there is a broadband connection just as productively as if they were in the office. This makes the home worker as accessible as an employee in the office and ensures they have all of the communication tools they need to effectively work from home.

For employees that require further flexibility, Aspen can provide Mobile and Desktop apps which enable more convenient methods for making calls at home or while on the move. A Mobile or Desktop user receives all of the same business features and benefits as any other user.

Download this whitepaper that will explain more about “How to make your workforce more productive” and share it with your customers.

What Telephony Can Do For You:

Core Services

  • Hosted Broadsoft Enterprise Telephony
  • SIP Trunks
  • Video Conferencing/Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Unified Communications
  • Call Centre Solutions
  • Wallboard and Reporting
  • Call Recording

Benefits of Using Hosted Telephony:

“SMEs using cloud telephony as part of their business technology are growing up to 26% faster than those who don’t. They are also delivering 20% higher profits. Nine out of 10 of these businesses attribute this growth to the technology solution they are using”

Source: Deloitte survey of UK SMEs, PWC survey of UK SMEs.


  • Enables mobility because employees can work from anywhere, with an internet connection
  • Releases resources to focus on business growth because Aspen’s Cloud telephony is delivered as a service – just like other utilities
  • Facilitates national and international expansion


  • Improves ability to respond to growth spurts and seasonal changes in demand because businesses can rapidly scale telephony capacity up and down


  • Optimises investment because your business only pays for the telephony it requires and does not need to invest in hardware or software
  • Avoids recruitment and retention of specialist staff; this is becoming a critical growth benefit because of the UK’s technology skills shortage


  • Strengthens business continuity because our cloud telephony is delivered as an always on service; if disaster strikes telephony traffic is rerouted ensuring your business keeps running


  • Improves ability to comply with data protection regulations because Aspen holds data in highly secure T3 datacentres which comply with the latest legislation.

Bundled Handset Deals:

Aspen Can Offer You

  • Fixed 3-year term, single monthly fee
  • Inclusive monthly minutes: 2000 UK National + 2000 UK Mobile
  • Wider choice of handsets
  • Inclusive minutes and handset bundles from £9.99 per user, per month

Telephony support solutions:
See Telephony Support for more details

Did you know…

That BT will switch off PSTN and ISDN lines and move customers onto an IP network by 2025? To get ahead of this and find out further information please click HERE.