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Aspen Solutions is a leading provider of voice, data and business broadband services in the UK

Without a reliable internet connection, your business cannot function effectively.

More and more businesses are moving towards cloud-based solutions. The need for dependable, high-speed connections are a priority. These connections need to cope with the increase in Voice and Data as part of day-to-day business use.

Thinking about upgrading your current service?

If you are thinking of changing or upgrading your existing service:

  • What are you upgrading from?
  • What do you want to upgrade to?
  • Is it ADSL, Fibre or a Leased Line?
  • Do you know the difference?
  • How many people, staff or devices will be using it any one time?

At Aspen solutions we can help you find the right answer to suit your business needs.

ADSL, Fibre or Leased Line?

You might have heard about these before. So what do they really mean?


ADSL works through your existing phone line. Because it comes through the phone network that homes and businesses use, it’s the most popular type of broadband available. This makes it easy to use and requires minimal installation costs.

Fibre Broadband

The main difference between ADSL and Fibre Broadband is speed. With Fibre broadband, it’s able to provide internet speeds many times faster.

Standard broadband will average download speeds of around 11Mbps. Most Fibre Broadband connections can start at around 36Mbps. That’s a huge difference already, but they don’t stop there. Fibre broadband can range from speeds up to almost 1Gbps. That’s more than a hundred times faster than ADSL.

Leased Line

This is a dedicated connection from one point to another. It means you have a dedicated line all to yourself, without the need of sharing a broadband line with your neighbours or surrounding businesses. This is ideal for businesses with high-powered broadband needs.

Want to know more?

Our expert Account Managers will work with you to get the best solution for you and your business.

They will assess the full range of data connectivity solutions available on the market today to meet your requirements, specifications and budget.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

To help provide these services, we are proud to be a Gamma Communications Partner.


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Gamma is a different kind of business communications provider. Different because the way you now think about communications is different.

  • You want services that are easy to provision and use, with instant access to clear and unambiguous billing.
  • You want impeccable quality and competitive pricing, backed by some of the best and most responsive customer service in the business.
  • At Gamma they’ve built a whole family of telephony, data and hosted solutions on their own resilient, next generation network.
  • They’re all aimed at doing one thing: taking the complexity out of business communications for their customers.
  • Aspen understand that internet connectivity is the lifeblood of your business, work with Aspen & Gamma to explore the options available for your location.
Voice icon
  • Gamma are the No.1 provider of SIP trunks in the UK
  • SIP trunks replace your legacy ISDN lines with the latest technology for cheaper and smarter voice calls.
  • For hosted services Horizon is their fully integrated, hosted platform that’s ending the distinction between fixed and mobile.
  • For call management their Inbound platform puts you in complete control.
  • One of the UK’s largest network carriers of fixed-line voice minutes, Gamma own and control their own national network which means they can respond faster, provision quicker and deliver sooner.
Data icon
  • Gamma’s resilient, high speed network connects your business with the internet and the cloud. For internet access from broadband to superfast fibre Ethernet, they give you high speed connectivity with dedicated bandwidth.
  • For convergence they deliver internet and IP telephony on a single line. Their fully-managed MPLS-based WAN solution is ideal for multi-site businesses that want to improve service and reduce costs.
Support icon
  • When it comes to support and billing, at Aspen we care as much about your business as you do. Support is provided from Gamma’s friendly, UK-based team and is available 24×7×365.
  • You will be billed directly from Aspen.
Network Strength icon
  • Gamma place great emphasis on the availability, reliability and quality of their national network which underpins everything they do.
  • This is complemented by a comprehensive governance structure that assures the security of their business, platforms and support services.
  • Gamma continue to invest for the future, ensuring the continued evolution of their network for unified communications and beyond, providing both converged services and discrete voice, data and mobile components.
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