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How It All Began

Aspen began in 1998 in the hometown of its founder Vincent Harkins. What began as a traditional photocopier company has expanded to provide over 2,500 customers with business computing, hardware, printing and technical services, and workflow systems. From small beginnings in Cumbernauld, Aspen’s customer base now stretches across Europe. Trusted by some of the biggest names in technology, Aspen has achieved certified accreditations from Dell, Canon, HP, and Microsoft and these brands remain at the heart of our business.

How Technology Has Shaped Us

The journey Aspen has been on over the past twenty years has been driven by the appreciation that technology has become central to the success of all businesses. As with technology, Aspen has not stayed still: our customers’ needs in an ever-changing technological environment remain at the core of our business ethic. Without the desire to assure that we are continually ahead of the curve and delivering the best business solutions at the best prices, we would not be the company we are today.

Moving Forward

Aspen continues to strive for excellence supported by a professional group of highly trained engineers and consultants led by a strong management team. Our account managers with an outstanding knowledge of Canon print devices and solutions as well as hardware from Dell and software from Microsoft, assure that Aspen can provide a comprehensive service for any company. Our strong team allows us to work to provide every aspect of a business’ technological needs. We appreciate that the success of our business is a team effort and therefore we prioritise transparency with all stakeholders of Aspen: suppliers, staff and customers.

Our Ethos

Our success over the past two decades has relied on our commitment to honesty and integrity both within the company and with our customers. Though the Aspen of 1998 could not be more different in size or in services as the Aspen of 2019, the same ethos continues to animate our approach to business: delivering high-quality business solutions at the best prices.


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